I said this today: RT @Catrambo: Looking forward toheading down to #Norwescon tomorrow with @spitkitten !
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I said this today: My dear (literary fiction) friends, you can no longer claim that you “don’t enjoy genre” when every other status update from your account is about Game of Thrones. Love, your former workshop classmate who had rayguns and shit in her stories that made your eyes roll back in the day
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I said this today: Ry Burke (Colorado), where ever you are, I am looking for you and you should contact me.
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I said this today: RT @superficialfles: New issue featuring @galendara @Catrambo @spitkitten @frankard @BBolander @DangerBuffet @mitochondrial @abbeyangry out soon!
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I said this today: Quickie dinner, @writehedgebrook alum wksp on writing process @HugoHouse, then back online until late for day job. The glamour, it stings.
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I said this today: Feeling like a fairy tale? Belladonna Publishing’s Black Apples has 18 of them, including one of mine:
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I said this today: Just posted my sched for @norwescon: Come see me, if you are attending!
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My schedule for Norwescon 37

Reading: Caren Gussoff
Fri noon-12:30pm Cascade 1
The Birthday Problem. Coming Summer 2014 from Pink Narcissus Press. Rated G
Caren Gussoff

Geek, Geek, Don’t Tell Me!
Fri 4:00pm-5:00pm Evergreen 3&4
If you enjoy NPR’s weekly quiz show “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!” you’ll enjoy our humorous F&SF version of this popular show. We’ll test audience members’ knowledge against a panel of Pro artists, authors, and film critics in the field as former co-workers Les Howle and Brooks Peck, current Science Fiction Museum curator, display images from books, films, comics, and art from the 1940’s till now. Our panel of pros will give answers and our audience participants will bet on whether they are right or wrong. Chocolate to the winners!
Brooks Peck (M), Caren Gussoff, Leslie Howle, John Picacio, Cat Rambo

Gender and Sexuality in SF & Fantasy
Sat Noon-1:00pm Evergreen 1&2
Many modern science fiction and fantasy authors, including Kameron Hurley, Elizabeth Bear, Trudi Canavan, and Paul Cornell include LGBTQ characters in their work. What does this mean to readers? How does it compare with the limited portrayal of gender and sexuality in many classic genre works? Come join us as we talk about how the changing portrayal of gender and sexuality is changing the face of our genre.
Caren Gussoff (M), Cassandra Clarke, Gregory Gadow

Honorable Mentions: Positive Examples of Race, Gender, and Sexual Identity in Popular Media
Sat 5:00pm-6:00pm Cascade 3&4
This year we focus mainly on what we’ve seen, read, and heard that has made us proud of the work we’ve done to treat each others with more respect, and decency than we did yesterday. And what must be done to make tomorrows media even better.
Dennis R. Upkins (M), Caren Gussoff, Morgue Anne

Your Anti-Procrastination First Aid Kit
Sat 4:00pm-5:00pm Cascade 5
Do you love to write but don’t get as much writing done as you’d like to? Conquer your fears… and your rough draft.
Craig English (M), Anne Charnock, Caren Gussoff, Frog Jones

Diversity in Fiction
Sat 2:00pm-3:00pm Cascade 10
How can fiction better incorporate characters and worlds representing diverse cultures, religions, sexual identities, and ethnicities? What do you need to do to accurately portray diverse groups that you aren’t yourself a part of? What makes writing the “other” work and how can you get beyond stereotypes to celebrate diversity?
Caren Gussoff (M), Susan DeFreitas, keerawa, Dennis R. Upkins

I said this today: 3! days to preorder Creating a Sustainable Writing Practice. Supporters enter into a drawing for a 30m consult w/me!
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I said this today: The problem with writing a book on time management and processes is that I go into consulting mode when pals probably just want to vent.
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